Tucker Times - July 2018

Tucker Times Covering Tucker, Northlake, Clarkston and Stone Mountain • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown n ews A tlAntA Volume 28, No. 7 • JULY 2018 PRICELESS ISSUE! Tucker Nature Preserve Is a Natural Present at the creation: Beautiful spirit of volunteerism drives this cherished urban glade. (Tucker Nature Preserve) The community of Tucker was once wooded and rural but by 2016, with a population of more than 35,000 according to the U.S census, it’s fully emerged as a dynamic urban center in DeKalb. Tucker’s historic, once country roads—LaVista, Chamblee Tucker, Lawrencev- ille Hwy.—over time became metro main traffic arter- ies. However, tucked away at 4408 Lawrenceville Hwy., directly across from busy Wal-Mart, is a 9-acre greens- pace in downtown Tucker that’s a precious throwback to what the community once was. Known as the Tucker Nature Preserve, it has a marvelous sense of place, a kind of sanctuary that calms one from the pressures and inten- sity in our everyday lives. I love visiting there. Purchased by DeKalb in 2002, the potential of the land tract was unrealized until 2011 when the dynamic volun- teer Friends of the Tucker Nature Preserve formed. Their mission: to work together with DeKalb County government to create a safe, functional family-friendly nature park for community enjoyment and education. A collaboration of DeKalb and Park Pride, this coalition of volunteers has transformed a rare public space into a beautiful, popular destination and one of the coolest places in downtown Tucker. Timeless Stone Mountain is often visible from the Tucker Nature Preserve and that’s just perfect. Continued on page 3 MARTA Police Save Two Lives At Kensington Station Clockwise: MARTA police officers in training B. Dennis, Cpl. M. Woodward, Sgt. L. Martin and Officer K. Softley. (MARTA) News surfaced late this past April of an extraordinary day at the MARTA Kensington Station in DeKalb off Memorial Drive: in two separate incidents within an hour, a team of 4 MARTA policemen, by using CPR and also a defibrillator, saved the lives of 2 MARTA patrons. The first incident was at 8:48 am when Officer Keith Softley was first responder to a man on the transit plat- form who had chest pains. Softley stayed with him while 3 other officers went to retrieve a defibrillator, part of the station’s emergency equipment. (Defibrillators deliver a dose of electrical current to bring back heart pumping.) Continued on page 7