Brookhaven Buzz - July 2019

BrookhavenBuzz Covering Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Dunwoody & Doraville • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Volume 29, No. 7 • JULY 2019 PRICELESS ISSUE! When 10-year-old Jayla Dallis saw her little sister Kali in trouble at their Chamblee apartment complex swimming pool she jumped in to save her without hesitation. Grabbing Kali by the hair and around the waist, Jayla lifted her up and over the side of the pool. Kali, 3, had jumped in the pools shallow end with an inflatable float around her waist. When she hit the water she flipped upside down. Kali struggled and slipped out of the float, gasping for air. After Jayla pulled her from the water the girls aunt and property manager Anthony Swint immediately began performing CPR. A few miles down the road Sgt. Ed Lyons was checking reports in his car behind the Chamblee police station. It had been a routine day for Lyons and when he heard the call come in for a drowning it immediately caught his attention. “That’s a call you don’t hear very often,” said Lyons. “I just took off straight up the boulevard (Peachtree Boulevard) lights and sirens.” Chamblee Girl’s Quick Action Saves Sister Continued on page 5 Ah, I remember it so well: there was for many in the ATL a deep affection for Gayle Barron, known as the “First Lady of the Peachtree Road Race” during its first decade in the 1970s, when it began as a hometown affair, long before it was an international phenomenon. Gayle was the top woman finisher of the very first Peachtree in 1970 and into the decade won 4 of the next 5 (she took a summer trip to Florida to miss one of the early races). In the process Gayle Barron became an authentic legend in a city that enthusiasti- cally embraced the distance running boom, Continued on page 4 WhenGayle Barronwas ‘First Lady of the Peachtree Road Race’ Sgt. Ed Lyons with Kali & Jayla Dallis Gayle racing when she experienced a training peak back in 1978.