Ponce & Peachtree - July 2019

Ponce & Peachtree Covering Peachtree, Piedmont, Virginia Highland, Morningside, Little Five Points, & Grant Park • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Previously Ponce Press and Midtown Messenger Volume 29, No. 7 • JULY 2019 BeltLine, City of Atlanta and Police Collaborate on Reduced Speed Zone and Parking Enforcement Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI), the City of Atlanta Department of City Planning Office of Mobility Planning, and the Atlanta Police Department (APD)’s Path Force Unit are collaborat- ing on renewed efforts around safety and etiquette surrounding shareable dockless mobility devices on the Atlan- ta BeltLine. The Atlanta BeltLine is a transpor- tation corridor with multiple modes of use in a welcoming community space. The Atlanta City Council passed Ordi- nance 18-O-1322   Jan. 7, 2019, which allows the use of shareable dockless mobility devices on Atlanta BeltLine trails and in City parks. ABI, the City, and APD are part- nering to create a safe and enjoyable expe- rience for all people – whether on foot or on wheels. The partnership arose after receiv- ing comments from trail users about the use of scooters, bikes, and other safety infractions along the corridor. As a result, several measures will be implemented during this initial phase to regulate dock- less use, address reckless, dangerous and inconsiderate behavior, and reduce clutter on the trails. Ah, I remember it so well: there was for many in the ATL a deep affection for Gayle Barron, known as the “First Lady of the Peachtree Road Race” during its first decade in the 1970s, when it began as a hometown affair, long before it was an international phenomenon. Gayle was the top woman finisher of the very first Peachtree in 1970 and into the decade won 4 of the next 5 (she took a summer trip to Florida to miss one of the early races). In the process Gayle Barron became an authentic legend in a city that enthusiasti- cally embraced the distance running boom, Continued on page 4 WhenGayle Barronwas ‘First Lady of the Peachtree Road Race’ Gayle racing when she experienced a training peak back in 1978. Photo by Dean Hesse Continued on page 8