Norcross News - June 2018

Norcross News Covering No cross, Peachtree Corners & Duluth • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Volume 28, No. 6 • JUNE 2018 PRICELESS ISSUE! Duluth Fall Festival Volunteers Donate $120,000 to City Large group in matching T-shirts celebrates their achievement in making sizable gift to city. (Duluth Fall Festival) Now here’s something super impressive that we’ve never quite heard of before: a large critical mass of Duluth citizen volunteers—showing solidarity in their commemorative T-shirts as seen in our headline photo— love their city so much, that they raised for it more than $120,000 as a selfless, collective donation. They really did it right, forming a 501(C) organization in order to make this gift to Duluth. This group of volunteers works tirelessly every year for the Duluth Fall Festival, a highlight of the autumn season that hosts more than 100,000 visitors who enjoy the event. Festival volunteers have made donations to their city before, but never to the extent of this break-out year. It’s an outstanding example of local, positive com- munity spirit. The expanded volunteers donation was for pri- orities as in the past that include: beautification for the downtown area, equipment to construct the city’s new Parsons Plaza, upgrades of the Festival Center building, purchase of decorative art and many other projects. Future projects for which volunteers want to donate include: funding annual outdoor concerts, Christmas tree lighting and a train-viewing platform near the new county library to honor Duluth’s railroad past. With their determination, devotion and track record, there’s every reason to think these dedicated volunteers will deliver again. Continued on page 3 Voltage Brothers Kick Off Norcross June Summer Lineup Looking good: Versatile Band with great track record promises to electrify Thrasher Park night of June 8. The 2018 Norcross Summer Concert Series at Thrasher Park (alternate Fridays, 7:30-9:30 pm) began May 25 with Rupert’s Orchestra and the schedule runs through August 31. (It’s an extensive, varied list, so for more information go to the Norcross web page.) First act this month in the lineup is an intriguing band, the Voltage Brothers, on June 8. Pictured in our headline photo, the charismatic Voltage Brothers clearly have the aura of experienced showmen, and it’s no wonder. Promoted by East Coast Entertainment, they’ve been around the world, playing on bills with: Kool Jazz Festival, Frank Sinatra, and many terrific soul acts, including The Temptations, The Commodores, The O’Jays, Kool & the Gang, Gladys Knight and the Pips as well as Earth, Wind & Fire. Continued on page 8