Norcross News - March 2019

Norcross News Covering No cross, Peachtree Corners & Duluth Volume 29, No. 3 • MARCH 2019 PRICELESS ISSUE! • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Duluth Historical Society Honors Two with Impact Awards Mark Williams and Cindy Brown Volunteers are the life-blood of all good community organizations. The Duluth Historical Society recent- ly honored two of its hard work- ing members with the 2018 Impact Award. Cindy Brown and Mark Wil- liams are the recipients – cited for being “civic minded people who con- tinually go beyond the call of duty.” Cindy Brown has had a lifetime role model for community activism in her mother, Marilyn, and together they partner in many programs/events, Continued on page 9 They are age-old questions: is what we want worth the cost, or is that too much? Do we want some- thing or do we need it? Those are fundamental issues voters will con- sider with the Gwinnett Transit Ref- erendum vote on March 19. Early voting began Feb. 25. Early voting is March 4-March 15. For years in Gwinnett the answer was no to expansion of rapid tran- sit in the county—but the last vote was way back in 1990. Traffic in Gwinnett has increasingly grown to gridlock in many critical places, for it’s now the second most populated county in GA after Fulton. To revisit the issue Gwinnett has set aside about $700,000 for the March 19 election to let voters decide whether or not the present is a time for change in order to address a critical, everyday issue. The question is: will Gwinnett join MARTA, which is transforming into a new entity, the ATL or Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority? If so, Gwin- nett will occupy 3 seats on a board. The Gwinnett County Commission has developed a contract to that effect which this month is up for a vote: Gwinnett Rapid Transit ReferendumMarch 19 Yes or no? Voters will decide this month whether or not to fully implement seamless rapid transit in the county. Meanwhile Gwinnett Transit buses commute to Doraville MARTA as a destination. Continued on page 7