Ponce & Peachtree - March 2019

Ponce & Peachtree Covering Peachtree, Piedmont, Virginia Highland, Morningside, Little Five Points, & Grant Park • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Previously Ponce Press and Midtown Messenger Volume 29, No. 3 • MARCH 2019 Public School First Grader Promotes Nonprofit Literacy Project Brimming with confidence: Little Selah Thompson has co-founded a nonprofit literacy action group in the ATL. March 20 marks the seasonal transition to spring 2019, but it was the January winter MLK Jr Holiday that provided perfect timing for Selah Thompson, only 7, to make a difference. Here’s hoping it will be felt in her school and community this coming spring and for years to come. Selah helped in an important way to start a new nonprofit orga- nization to focus on improving lit- eracy—and in fact, it was her idea. Enrolled in first grade at Park- side Elementary, 685 Mercer St, ATL 30342 in the Atlanta Public School System, Selah had since kindergarten been distressed. Continued on page 9 The City of Atlanta City Coun- cil voted Jan. 7, 2019, to adopt an ordinance regulating the opera- tions of Shareable Dockless Mobil- ity Devices, defined as an electric/ motorized or human powered device that permits an individual to move or be moved freely, is available for rent to the general public for short-term one-way trips without the instal- lation of any infrastructure in the public right of way and shall include but not be limited to a bicycle/e- bicycle, scooter/e-scooter and shall exclude any motor vehicle required to be registered with the state, in accordance with state law. Ordinance 18-O-1322 creates rules the city says will provide an equal playing field for companies that will allow these devices to expand mobility options while also protecting public health and safety. A statement on the city website says, “These devices provide an exciting new option for people to move around and we wish to support efforts to pro- vide new transportation choices for Atlanta residents and visitors.” The Ordinance establishes the development of a Shareable Dock- less Mobility Device Permit and Atlanta City Council Adopts Scooter Ordinance Photo: Dean Hesse Continued on page 5