Dunwoody Dispatch East - May 2018

Dunwoody Dispatch Covering Dunwoody East & Surrounding Areas • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown n ews A tlAntA Volume 3, No. 5 • MAY 2018 EAST PRICELESS ISSUE! Storm Reid Returns to Chesnut Charter, Takes School by Storm Amazing teen actress takes Selfie with students at her old elementary school in Dunwoody this past winter. (Aha Connection) The most trending native of Dunwoody presently is actress Storm Reid, 14, who portrays the lead as Meg Murray in the Disney fantasy film A Wrinkle in Time , which came out in March. Storm is among an all-star cast, including Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon. I saw this teen actress on CBS once and was entranced with her poise and charisma. Later I realized I’d seen her as a 10-year old in the award-winning film, Twelve Years a Slave (2013) with Brad Pitt and others. The precocious Storm Reid candidly says at 3 she knew she wanted to act. As Babe Ruth used to say, ‘It’s not bragging when you can back it up.” Born in Atlanta, Storm Reid has Dunwoody roots. She started her education in kindergarten at Chesnut Charter Elementary at 4576 N. Peachtree Rd., but had to leave school when film was her calling. After this year’s release of her new movie, Disney PR staff arranged a return of Storm, with her parents, to her old school. (She’s now a 9th grader schooled at home or on movie location by tutors.) Continued on page 3 Dunwoody Begins Sat. Farmers Market May 5 Something happen- ing and a great place to have it: a vote by the Dunwoody Homeowners Association (DHA) means the community is taking a great leap forward by hav- ing a Saturdays Farmers Market. It will commence on May 5 at the perfect venue, spacious Brook Run Park, easy to reach on North Peachtree, plenty of parking, shade trees to cool when it gets hot, and many recreation things for afterward. The market will have about 40 vendors. About half will be fresh produce, dairy and meat with the other half being cooked and baked items. Farm Burger, Cowfish and others will offer their food so the aromas will be great. Fresh fruit will come from sponsors Peach Truck, Market Peaches and Mercier Orchards, giving the market GA flavor. DHA has even approved $4,500 in seed money to start up the local farmers market. A volunteer committee is in place, chaired by Marian Adeiny Avise. It includes city council as well as DHA board members, so key people to make the market work are vested in it. Farmers markets always have a great vibe and help bring the com- munity together. Thanks to DHA and its new president, Adrienne Duncan, for the dawn of new Saturdays in Dun- woody, great fun and not far away. –Dr. Paul Hudson DHA opens way and helps make fun local activities this spring and summer.