Dunwoody Dispatch - May 2019

Dunwoody Dispatch Covering Dunwoody East & Surrounding Areas • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown n ews A tlAntA Volume 4, No. 5 • MAY 2019 EAST PRICELESS ISSUE! Austin Elementary Principal Ann Culbreath (Photo courtesy of Austin Elementary) Austin Elementary principal Dr. Ann Culbreath has been chosen as Auburn’s 2019 Outstanding Educator. The school community celebrated by declaring April 10, 2019, as Austin “War” Eagles Day. Students, parents, and teachers wore orange and blue and presented Dr. Cul- breath with letters of congratulations. This award adds to a long list of acco- lades for Austin, including the school’s recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2018 and Plati- num Award Winner for four years in a row from the Governor’s Office of Stu- dent Achievement. – Janie L. Kossak, B.A., M.L.I.S., Ed.S. School Librarian, Austin Elementary Last month Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber sent us notice of a new 145- foot bridge in the community, crossing the North Fork of Nancy Creek near the Georgetown Recreation Club on Old Spring House Lane, Intrigued, I couldn’t wait to see it and wanted to know more, so I planned a distance walk to the site. To gain perspective, I started the trek from Georgetown Shopping Center on Cham- blee Dunwoody Road. It was a fairly long trek straight through the Georgetown neighborhood, down to the end of Old Spring House Lane. And there was Dunwoody’s brand- new pedestrian bridge in all its mag- nificence. I saw adults with kids, most on bikes, crossing the new yet historic structure for what were some of earliest times of its existence. The adults were exulting and the kids were thrilled. The bridge will delight Dunwoody residents for generations to come. “The goal is to get people out of their cars,” Dunwoody Parks Director Brent Walker has said, “so they can walk, run or bike throughout Dunwoody.” This pedestrian bridge is definitely off to a great start. Dunwoody has Connected Neighborhoods in Dramatic Way Continued on page 5 New bridge spans time and places in Dunwoody, from suburban Georgetown subdivision to contemporary Perimeter Center. Here’s the project in progress in late February, when it was delivered by a gigantic crane. Austin Elementary Principal is Auburn’s 2019 Outstanding Educator