Tucker Times - May 2019

Tucker Times Covering Tucker, Northlake, & Stone Mountain • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown n ews A tlAntA Volume 29, No. 5 • MAY 2019 PRICELESS ISSUE! (Photo by Dean Hesse) The countdown is on to Tuck- er’s biggest day, and now the City is announcing a week full of fun, Tucker- centric events leading up to the May 11 Tucker Day. On Monday May 6, Tucker’s Parks and Recreation Department will lead a series of guided hikes at parks across the City. Staff members will lead hikes at Smoke Rise Park at 12 p.m., Kelley Cofer Park at 2 p.m., Tucker Nature Preserve at 4 p.m. and Henderson Park at 6 p.m. Participants can enjoy getting to know some of the nearly 300 acres of parkland the City of Tucker has to offer, while also having the opportunity to hear about Tucker’s Parks Master Plan, Summer Camp and other upcoming events. Continued on page 5 We gave a brief recap in our April issue on how, in the very early morn- ing on Wednesday March 20, American Legion Post 207 in Tucker at 4127 Pine Valley Road 30084 burned up in a mas- sive blaze. When DeKalb Fire Depart- ment arrived on the scene about 4:00 am, they were unable to save the Legion Hall. We reported Post 207 was maintaining its spirits, vowing “We Will Rebuild.” Good news subsequently surfaced, that firefighters managed to save 2 flags in the elongated, low-slung, one-story structure that’s pictured in our headline photo. It’s the way the hall had looked for years, with a flag flying in front of the familiar community landmark. Despite the recent complete destruction of the build- ing, something positive took place. It was also wildly improbable and very inspiring: heroic firemen rescued in the blaze two flags, dear to the veterans at Post 207. Saving the flags at the burning building was entirely fitting, because American Legion, a national organi- zation for veterans, is known for its patriotism. It has 50 state departments and these in turn are made up of posts. Firefighters Saved Flags as Tucker American Legion Post Went Up in Flames Continued on page 19 Before a devastating fire, Old Glory flew proudly before Legion Hall near Tucker. But there was afterward a saving grace: firefighters saved two flags. City Announces Tucker Day Week of Festivities