Tucker Times - September 2018

Tucker Times Covering Tucker, Northlake, Clarkston and Stone Mountain • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown n ews A tlAntA Volume 28, No. 9 • SEPTEMBER 2018 PRICELESS ISSUE! Tucker Rite Aid was More Than a Drugstore As the result of a Walgreens buyout, around 600 Rite Aid Pharmacies are being closed across the country. One of those on the list was the Tucker location at the corner of Lawrenceville Highway and Fellowship Road. It had been there for years, longer than many can remember and for some in Tucker it was more than just a drugstore. Pharmacist Yemmy Martins was busy filling pre- scriptions July 24, but many of the shelves behind her that normally would be full of medications were empty. It was the day the pharmacy closed for good and Martins said “Everybody treated us like family. Initially it was Mr. this and Mrs. that, but now it’s first names. Some of the older patients are like grandma and grandpa, some are like mom and dad. They know my family.” Martins said fighting back tears. “They know my babies. I love them.” Martins, who had been a pharmacist there for 14 years said she’s not sure where she will end up or if she even has a job, but she intends to make herself available to her former customers through social media. “I’m still a pharmacist. A lot of my patients have my number, they can call me. I’ll do what I can to make them happy. It’s not going to be like before, it’s not going to be the same.” Continued on page 4 Mouth Watering ‘Barbecue Nation’ Exhibit Opens I have never been to a museum exhibit which made my mouth water for a delicious meal. That all changed recently when I visited the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead to see the new exhibit, Barbecue Nation. This long running “temporary” exhibit tells you all you prob- ably will ever need to know about my favorite southern food, barbecue. but also made me rush to the nearest barbecue restaurant afterward Starting off with a wonderful neon sign, the exhibit takes viewers through a brief history of the importance of barbecue in American history from Native Americans to George Washington and into the twenty-first century. The exploration continues with a look at all the many regional styles of barbecue and the various meats used. It was fun to see images, advertising and cooking devices from many parts of the south where I think we can all agree that you find the very best barbecue in the nation. Continued on page 4