Your Fur Nanny, The Doggie Entrepreneur

Following your dreams can be scary. Working for yourself takes courage, resourcefulness and a lot of hard work. Tucker resident Lisa Peterson is an accountant-turned-pet sitter who wouldn’t trade her journey as an entrepreneur for the world. Peterson’s business, Your Fur Nanny, is a pet sitting service for pet parents in the Tucker and surrounding area. With Your Fur Nanny, dogs, cats, fish and birds can go on vacation while you do.


The inspiration for Your Fur Nanny comes from Peterson’s son, Tyler, who passed away at age 21 from a drug overdose. “That cliché of ‘Life is short’ just become more and more of a reality,” Peterson said. At the time, accounting made her eyes glaze over and her fiancé kept encouraging her to go for it- she could open a pet sitting business.


With her accounting brain, Peterson set up the business and got her license. She had always taken in friend’s pets when they were traveling, but she made a profile on pet sitting website to get even more clients. “It really took off when I started posting on Facebook and creating a Facebook page to show videos of their doggies playing while they were gone.”


As more and more clients have come in from the website and community, Peterson has renovated the back of her Tucker house as a dog boarding room and has installed a side dog run along her backyard. A personal touch is what sets Peterson’s business apart from other pet sitters. She’s had requests from putting a new outfit on a dog every day to take a picture, to spoon feeding a pampered pup.


When clients travel, especially around the holidays, Peterson takes care of client’s homes like they are her own, turning on lights and getting mail. She takes holiday cheer to the next level with a playful touch of customer service. “At Christmas, we got Christmas hats and scarfs and took pictures with all the pets and sent eve-ryone a Christmas card with a picture of their pet. We probably should have sent pictures of the out-takes because it was hilarious trying to wrestle all of these dogs with Santa hats on,” Peterson said.


Now that Your Fur Nanny has been official since February 2016, Lisa is confident in the future. Since opening, they have had over 150 dogs in their house. With so many clients, Lisa’s wife is tempted to quit her job to start working with the pets.


“We even make homemade doggie treats!,” Peterson said. “We just love what we do and the com-munity feel of Tucker.”


–Grace Simmons

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