Your Pets Deserve Some Bling, Too!

BlingSharing the house with pets is a barking good time, yet it can leave much to be desired when it comes to creating a stylish home. Krisybelle Pet Products has banished the bland, big-box store pet beds to the back porch, and invites their clients to tailor their pets’ beds to their complete specifications.


Their custom pet beds are an innovative way to dress up a room, match decor styles, and jazz up bedtime. Customers simply send Krisybelle their fabric, and they’ll take it from there to create something beautiful. For those without a fabric choice on hand, Krisybelle will search out the perfect material to meet their customer’s desires. Choose from adorable pouf beds and high-sided options that will keep Fido or Fifi comfy and cozy. The beds are machine washable so owners can keep fur and dirt at bay.


For the purr-fectly posh, Krisybelle Pet Products has released a line of harnesses and leashes that allow owners to take elegance to the streets. The Bella Royal Crystal Harness and Leash are an eye-catching pet collar and lead that combine bright colors with the sparkle and shine of hundreds of hand-placed Swarovski crystals.


Each harness and collar is crafted at the time of order to the specific pet’s proportions for the perfect fit every time. The Bella line was created for smaller pets, and gives a particularly luxe look to cats, small pooches, ferrets, or even teacup pigs. With these collars and leashes, owners can add a dash of class to their daily walks while still ensuring their best furry friends are kept safe.


Krisybelle Pet Products was launched by Amie Ferguson in 2000 after she received her very first puppy for Christmas. This furry companion would go on to become the namesake of Krisybelle Pet Products, and has been the inspiration behind every collar, hair bow, and pet bed she’s created. All of the company’s products are hand crafted in the USA. For more information, visit

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