Zoo Atlanta will be Jumping with Joeys

May means Mothers Day- and some marsupial moms at Zoo Atlanta will be in on the celebration. As of press time the zoo’s red kangaroo community was expecting babies (joeys) to be born between April 5 and 18.


According to the zoo, red kangaroos are born blind, hairless and about the size of a jelly bean. Follow-ing a gestation period of 30-40 days, the joey will instinctively seek out its mother’s pouch to begin nursing. The joey will spend several months in the pouch before growing enough to venture out on its own. Zoo visi-tors can look forward to a spring and summer of joeys peering from their pouches as they take in their new world.


But that’s only the tip of the tail when it comes to zoo doings. There’s the spectacular new reptile house and its exotic denizens to check out. And don’t forget the immensely popular Brew at the Zoo on Saturday, May23 that pairs the zoo experience with local craft beers and live music. June events include an art auction, Asian Heritage Day and Members Only Night.


Learn more at www.zooatlanta.org


-Steve Kilbride

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